Discover CREA, a team of global designers and planners known for their unique blend of form, function, and elegant flair. Drawing inspiration from worldwide studies and travels, our designs encapsulate a distinctive sensibility. Embracing the essence of Italian tradition, we view architecture and interior design as interconnected elements in the creative journey. From space planning to custom furnishings, our holistic approach ensures comprehensive services tailored to your needs. Whether rejuvenating building facades or transforming interior spaces, CREA excels in personalized solutions that redefine every environment.


Simona Ciancetta - Head of Interior Design

Simona Ciancetta, an Italian designer and entrepreneur, arrived in the United States in 1997 to establish Dilmos Milano in Miami's Design District. Renowned for its avant-garde Italian furniture and art, Dilmos Milano introduced these offerings to the American market. Collaborating with Edra, the gallery showcased designers like the Campana brothers.

Simultaneously, Simona pursued a career as an interior designer and decorator. Her notable project at AQUA on Allison Island solidified her reputation in both Italy and the U.S. Her refined taste and sensitivity shape the distinctive character of Dilmos Milano, presenting cutting-edge Italian design.

Simona's design ethos values functionality alongside aesthetics, anticipating trends and introducing bold visions to the American market. Her portfolio includes projects in prestigious locations like Kings Point and The Hamptons, where she merges opulence with contemporary design, catering to affluent clientele.

Simona's success in New York further establishes her as a sought-after name in high-end interior design. Her portfolio stands as a testament to her ability to harmonize opulent design with historical grandeur, solidifying her reputation in the industry.


Bruno Rainaldi- Founder

Born in Milan in 1952, Bruno Rainaldi's design journey began with a hands-on approach, immersing himself in design communication from an early age. His career trajectory saw him managing the first High-Tech emporium in Corso di Porta Ticinese, followed by collaborations with influential figures like Maddalena De Padova and Enrico Baleri.

As a partner in Baleri & Associati, Bruno played a pivotal role in shaping communication strategies for design companies and stores, refining his expertise in the field. Concurrently, he delved into object design, furnishing accessories, and lamps, blending years of experience with innovative design concepts.

Among his celebrated creations is the Ptolomeo bookshelf, a testament to his ingenuity and design prowess, earning him the esteemed Compasso d’Oro award in 2004. In 2006, Bruno co-founded CREA, leaving an indelible mark on the design world.

Bruno Rainaldi's promising career was marked by his untimely passing in February 2011. Yet, his legacy lives on through his groundbreaking designs and contributions to the design community, inspiring future generations of designers worldwide.

Juan Pablo Nardi - CEO

Juan Pablo holds a pivotal position at CREA, where he oversees project coordination and drives development operations. Boasting an impressive 40 years of experience in enhancing the distribution and marketing strategies of major international brands, his expertise is invaluable. Juan Pablo has played a key role in shaping and elevating the CREA brand, assembling a highly skilled team that has earned global acclaim.

His responsibilities extend to direct engagement with prominent developers for residential and commercial projects, fostering essential relationships that amplify CREA's international footprint. Juan Pablo also leads the charge in marketing endeavors, leveraging his strategic insights and deep industry knowledge.

In addition to his contributions to brand development and marketing, Juan Pablo is deeply involved in strategic planning and sales initiatives at CREA. His nuanced understanding of the industry landscape enables him to make substantial contributions to the company's overarching vision. With his hands-on approach and strategic acumen, Juan Pablo ensures CREA remains at the forefront of the competitive real estate development arena.